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    This chapter is quite hilarious!! lol, Jellar and Erza are funny in this chapter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozzy View Post
    OMG we finally got fillers in the manga. That chapter was just boring and Im really disappointed in the mangaka to do something like that! I mean.... WTF?
    And it is not only one chapter, but the next one is also something like that..... He should focus more on the story and less on the boobies!
    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    I was like yehhh new chapter.
    Then I was like oh no, he A.D.D'ed off from the main story again.

    Quote Originally Posted by tinatinaww View Post
    what a worthless chapter. I hate chapters like these...
    Quote Originally Posted by Radagast View Post
    Well, this was soooooooooooo disappointing!!!
    I love how people whine over things they get for free. This chapter was good. Your inability to enjoy things is the problem here.

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    Well I don't bother about the goodness or badness of the any chapter just read the chapter with a little imagination in my mind and enjoy the story, BTW this one really made me more delighted.

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