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    Fairy Tail Chapter 298 Discussion / 299 Predictions

    Chapter is up, guys! Enjoy!

    To be honest, I liked it, but it kinda retracted from the cliff hanger that left us in Chapter 296. I think Chapter 300 is where it's going to go back into the main plot.

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    OMG we finally got fillers in the manga. That chapter was just boring and Im really disappointed in the mangaka to do something like that! I mean.... WTF?
    And it is not only one chapter, but the next one is also something like that..... He should focus more on the story and less on the boobies!

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    I think we can all agree that this chapter was the best FT chapter ever lololol.

    Anyway, yea, chapter 300 goes back to the main plot as was mentioned in Chapter 297.

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    Mangastream version is up guys.

    And yes Afro its the best FT chapter ever. lol!

    I still think that chick is Lucy from the future.

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    I was like yehhh new chapter.
    Then I was like oh no, he A.D.D'ed off from the main story again.
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    Well, it was pretty funny so I will let it slide this time ;P.

    LOL, A masked, bandit like person was groping a woman's breasts in broad daylight, where was the police or at least security at that time :p.

    I have to ask, how can a spirit make air bubbles under water ?

    And finally, that woman, she might be the little girl of the sniper pair from the future, seeing as the last time it was a little boy Romeo.

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    Fap chap. Nothing to do discuss here...
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    Well, this was soooooooooooo disappointing!!!

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    It was cute, Im glad Lucy and the hair chick didn't become friends though lol, she was way to psycho to rehabilitate into a nakama or some crap. But sabertooth should of gone to the pool too :(
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