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Thread: Lame Excuses!!

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    The classic "I left my homework at school/home".

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    I cannot give you your homework cos i didnt understand the lesson cos ur such a retarded teacher..... However that will prob get you suspended

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    "No, I didn't do the homework, because last night my favorite movie was on and i deemed it more important than something that will never benefit me in my life"

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    In Haruhi-sama's *worships* Grace and Guiding Light
    have you cleaned your room?
    I couldn't find it in the middle of the confusion

    this one worked once since my mom got such a strange and face I was able to get away

    where's your homework? - my english teacher
    I was so busy doing everyone else's I forgot - me

    the teacher gave me 100 on the homework (it was a kind of an essay) cuz she knew I often did everyone's HW (and even exams) is to note that that day neither I did the HW nor did I help anyone doing theirs

    but the best yet (mine....yes cuz fbi77 beats me by the lengths):

    in a philosophy written test:
    \Q - something I had no idea and can't even remember
    \A - can't answer this question because it goes against my religious principles.

    Teacher (when he was delivering the corrected exams) - oh I'm so sorry Tiago I didn't know you were from another religion. Of course you have full mark on that question. So what is your religion.

    Me (trying not to roll on the floor from laughter, but with a dead serious face) - ohh I'm... ah...well it's one of those old religions teacher and we can't talk about it with people from the outside.

    Not only did my teacher went for that but when he found out I was playing him he gave me one extra point for being able to trick him....thank Haruhi for philosophy teachers...

    as you can see I take most of my excuses from Calvin&Hobbes (usually with more success than him)

    Let the pervert inside of you awaken!

    Join the SOS Brigade or else...

    You may be good, but I'm Draciel!

    May Haruhi-sama *worships* save us all

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    I was late for school and the teacher asked why. I told him my jacket got stuck in the chain guard of my bike.

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    Why are you late to my lesson?
    I was drinking a couple of pints with my mates down the pub.....

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    not me, but my classmates (all from chem).

    teacher: why didn't you do your hwk?
    student: because i never do it

    another student: i did my physics hwk instead

    another student answering for someone else: he was playing (some online game i forgot), he was on like all night.


    a teacher asked this girl why she didn't write down the answer the qn: describe the process of human sexual intercourse (4marks) (learning about sex in biology)
    girl: it was too embarrassing. (this was when we were 16)


    i wanted to skip a class and i told the teacher my mom was in the hospital. (but i wasn't technically lying, since my mom works in a hospital =P

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    I remember a few....this person was trying to ask my friend out, so my friend hid in the bathroom and I said my friend was "giving birth"....XD

    once in my math class I forgot to do my homework, and I said it got lost in my never ending backpack...o.O;

    Also, in that same math class I wrote 7's for every answer, and my teacher asked me why I thought they were all 7, and I looked at her and said I got posessed.

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    One of mine was, "I really can't talk right now because I was practicing, Opera Singing, and my thoat is sorre."

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    Oh! I remembered another one! AGAIN in my math class(I hated that teacher..), she asked where my homework was, and I told her my friend ate it.

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