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    Wanze with his ramen kenpo. This guy is annoying man even i wanted to kick the crap out of him

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainLionLink View Post
    well for once I'm not correct, I feel sad now. Time for me to download wikipedia into my brain. Then I will become the internet and never get proved wrong again!

    Anyways, I don't feel that Luffy should die, I just don't like how every main hero character that has been produced in Japanese media in the past twenty years or more is based around the character from a legend. Although look how many American super heroes are based around Jesus.

    Remember that Optimus Prime died for our sins.

    Eh, whatever, I added plus two for my flame shields for a reason. At least we are keeping nice and logical about this discussion and not simply flaming each other for our comments.

    You should definitely reconsider downloading wikipedia cause its is basically worthless. If i wanted i could go on there and post that I am God and everyone is going to hell. So you never know what is right and what is complete slanderous bits of info.

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    i dont see why everyon hates foxy so much =/

    i quite like him

    and the arc was sooooooo funny - specially luffy v foxy and the sanji zoro game

    and mr 2. as well he was awesome!

    geeez and whoever said they waited buggy... that just terrible, buggy is awesome

    now people who annoyed me... spandam was a dyke

    wanze pissed me off so much

    and satori as well ESPECIALLY in the anime... with the laugh... then just when you think its finally gone for good, then two mini satoris show up and start doing it ¬_¬

    enel going on and on and on about how great he was annoyed me

    and Arlongs "WE ARE THE MASTER RACE"

    AND bellamy and sarquis pissed me off sooooooooooooooooooooo much...

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    One Piece

    I hate Gedatsu from the skypeia arc, and spanda what a b***ch

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    Enele was a pain in the ass

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    I hate bellamy man thank god hes dead. That guy was so annoying and cocky!! However in the end he got a beating from both luffy and Doflamingo!

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    Brook -- Yo Ho!Ho!Ho! and demands for pantsu gets annoying

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    Foxy it get my nerves when i see him lol

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    Spandas entire family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukeTheGold View Post
    Wrong! Goku is based on, in fact pretty much 80% of him, the protagonist of a famous Chinese epic story -"Journey to the West". The protagonist's name is Monkey King Goku. Third Hokage's(Naruto) summon is based on the Monkey King as well. A lot of manga series have traces of references to "Journey to the West".

    Oda is DragonBall's number 1 fan boy. It's not strange at all that Luffy is "Monkey". However Luffy's personalities, abilities, appearances carry 0% resemblance to the Monkey King. Admittedly, Luffy carries similarity with childhood Goku of DB.

    By the way, Naruto has an enormous amount of references toward "Journey to the West". One Piece's similarity ends with Goku.

    In any case, if it's your personal feeling that Luffy should die, so be it.
    You forgot Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload oh and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock lol also Shinzo is loosely similar and elements from nearly every anime/manga ever created heck even Inuyasha has an episode that relates

    I definitely think Axe-Hand Morgan was the worst because he didnt even treat his own son with any regard

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