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    When I started rewatching One Piece I just wished Koby could go and die. He was just so whiney all the time. Good thing he wasent around for to many episodes.

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    Yeah Spanda got me crazy also... specially when he kept saying al the time: baka onwa (stupid woman) to Robin-swan after a while i was plz.. just stfu man!

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    every character is interesting for me!
    in that manga there is not even one that annoys me!
    thats why i find one piece better than naruto or dbz!

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    Yes, I love them all, and Koby had some really good developments, just his english dub character that really pissed me off.

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    Bellamy pisses me off.

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    Everytime he opens his mouth, I want to punch him in the face.

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    I kinda hated Usopp when he was acting like a pussy about the ship being messed up, irritated me that he couldn't just man up and accept it plus when hes always hiding and letting others do his work for him its really lame, I mean hes got awesome sniping skills he should use them...
    A pie in the sky?

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    i hate crocodile =/

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    Miss Merry Christmas was probably the ugliest, most irritating, and overall worst character so far in One Piece.

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