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    Quote Originally Posted by lordmacintoshii View Post
    Brook -- Yo Ho!Ho!Ho! and demands for pantsu gets annoying
    Brook is hilarious with his body part jokes

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    Brook is the king. Yohohohohoho i love this skeleton

    I hated this Buggy Clown person......Can't see that stupid guy

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    I don't even bother to remember the guy... Spanda? Spandam? I don't even care. Hate hate haaaate his guts.

    Actually, I think a more suitable answer would be most of the villains in One Piece.

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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Yeah Vivi was pretty annoying in that she was always scared all the time. And I used to hate Buggy since he was a clown but now I think I hate Vivi even more

    You meanie 8'(
    Buggy is my all-time ultimate favourite character in One Piece~
    He's goofy, and pretty pathetic, but he makes being the bad guy really hilarious :'D
    We'd see more of him, it it were up to me ._.

    Sengoku should burn in hell \o/, along with all the other geezers in the World Government. YAY FOR PIRATES >o<

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    I'll prolly be killed in my sleep for this...

    Vivi. She wanted to help her land, but didn't want anyone to get hurt. It's either ONE or the OTHER! Freedam cannot be obtained without bloodshed!

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    buggy or vivi. dont like either of em. ones just pathetic and the other just doesn't shut up about her kingdom.

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    I hated lucci because he killed 500 of the soldiers that where captured by the pirates when he was young.

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    I don't like Spandam. He sucks.

    And I don't like Captain Kuro, because he's an A-hole.

    Lastly, I don't like Gecko Moria, he's so damn lazy.

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    i don't like Helemepbo or what ever that onion heads name is.

    I hate every character that has cat ears growing out of the hair.

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    yep, foxy.
    i used to hate usopp.

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