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    plus, as many have said hichigo wuz the 1 who helped ichigo win. if he hadn't shown up, ichigo would have been full of holes from thew byakurai
    But if Ichigo didn't remove his edge from Byakuya's throat?Uchiha Byakuya would be ideal for Helloween

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    Ichigo won because he's the main character. Just like when he fought Kenpachi. Oh and Grimmjow...matter of fact, any fight Ichigo has been involved in, he's only JUST BARELY won, and it was only JUST BARELY a win because of plot armor. If Ichigo dies, the manga is kind of over. Also you failed to notice that Byakuya didn't use that kidou that locks your movement...Rikujokoro I think it's called? He could've easily just locked Ichigo up and stab his face.

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    yeah he could've done that but by definition the the heroes troubles he'll still get the win even he gets his butt kick from here to alaska by his opponent Byakuya is just to intense besides we all now know that when he was younger he was more freespirited so one can asume like it was mentioned something really bad must have happened to him my guess hes granpa got KIA the hollowed captains or aizen and gin
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    How about his wife dying being the reason why he is so up tight? >.>

    I think that would do it...
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    hey, byakuya is cool. he could have won if thre is no ichigo's hollow. he just underestimated ichigo's power. HE IS NOT LAME. That's proved when he said " I will serious fight with you ". he said sorry when he makes false. he is a NOBLE man.

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