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    Trying my best to translate while waiting for the good scans to come out. Let it be said that I've never tried to fully translate a chapter for myself or for others, so at best, my translation is unreliable.

    That said, I want to point out that I hate...I HATE the way Shawlong talks.

    Bleach 285

    Pg. 4

    Ichigo: Wha...What was that?

    Pg. 5

    GJ: Desugaron (reading it directly. Not sure what the Kanji is).

    Pg. 6

    GJ: My ultimate/strongest technique.

    Pg. 8 - Flashback

    Shawlong: "Give up", did you say?"

    Ilfort (I think is saying this): You understand that we have not become Vastolorde.

    We have not felt our strength increase after eating in excess of a 1000 hollows. (not sure on translation)

    Today's prey was the 3000th. We knew [eating] any more [than this] is useless.

    GJ: Doesn't matter. Give up and you'll die a dog's death. I'll keep going.

    Shawlong: No matter. However, if you're going...

    Pg. 9

    Shawlong: us!

    -- Eating a part of the body from the same family will stop the continuing of evolution. (i think...again!)

    Shawlong: It's too late for D-Roy to become a Vastolorde. This is something I already know.

    Shawlong: Our evolution will end here.

    GJ: Coward.

    Pg. 10

    Shawlong: I said I understood that already. This is perhaps our only time to become Vastolorde. Possibly furthermore, from the past we understand this. <-- huge amount of guessing


    Shawlong: In this brief moment of our Hollow existence, we are Adjuchas. You continue to lead us. (i think) We will continue to feed, Grimmjaw. **EDIT: I was wrong here too!**

    Pg. 11 - Flashback ends (FINALLY! *dies*)

    Pg. 13

    GJ: HAHAHAHAHHAHA! It's over, Kurosaki!

    - Vomitting

    GJ: You lost to me!!!!

    Pg. 14

    - Anyone (I'm guessing) who is a coward, is fine. I'll devour you (?)

    - Look at my flesh

    GJ: I...I AM KING!

    Pg. 16

    Ichigo: You....

    Pg. 17

    Ichigo: You haven't won anything....

    GJ: What's that?

    Ichigo: What you said before...It's...It's my turn to start too.

    GJ: Chii!!

    Pg. 18

    Ichigo: It's exactly what you said. I came here to fight with you.

    Pg. 19

    Ichigo: I came here to beat you, Grimmjaw!!!

    Ichigo: I'll beat you!

    Pg. 20

    Ichigo: I'll beat Ulquiorra! I'll beat Aizen! And Rukia, Chad, Ishida, Renji, Inoue...I'll return home with all of them. You are the only person...

    Pg. 21

    Ichigo: ...I will NEVER lose to, Grimmjaw!


    Wow. 2 hours of translating this chapter. Other than the fact that the flashback took 1.5 hours (damn Shawlong), it wasn't so bad to figure out.

    My opinion: It's not THAT bad of a chapter...provides a good amount of backstory for GJ. Didn't like the Victory By Pure Will part though. the 2 hours I spent translating, Binktopia released their version. Ah whatev. I'll leave mine up to see how close I was.

    **EDIT: Binktopia has far more of an artistic flair than I do. Bah. I'm tame.**
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