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Thread: Best 5 seinen

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwdotcom View Post
    futari ecchi
    love junkies
    saru lock
    unbalance x unbalance
    futari ecchi for Ladies
    uh oh! i like that heat signature thing

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    1. Berserk
    2. Gants
    3. Black Lagoon
    4. Desert Punk
    5. Tenjou Tenge

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    1. Berserk
    2. Gantz
    3. Deadman Wonderland
    4. Freezing
    5. Wolfguy


    1. Monster
    2. 20th and 21st Century Boys
    3. Change 123
    4. Ecchi the Killer
    5. Parasyte

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    1. Berserk
    2. Shamo & 20 century boys
    3. Sun-ken Rock
    4. Gunnm
    5. GantZ & Blame! & Biomega

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    • Sundome
    • Yubisaki Milk Tea

    (^Defective characters and their messed up relationships with their peers are much more entertaining than sword swinging retards from battle manga... But, each to their own.)
    • Dance in the Vampire Bund
    • Biomega
    • Dorohedoro (The only extremely gory and violent title that I actually find entertaining.)

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    1.Sun-ken rock
    2.DeadMan Wonderland
    4.Zet Man

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    ^@dct21, Actually agreed with a lot of them.

    But it's interesting, never really seen any1 else that interested in Sun-Ken Rock. It is definitely a unique series

    Quote Originally Posted by merciless View Post
    Ahh my bad, it feels seinen xD
    It does to me as well, I looked for like a week for it in this section when I 1st came here. Didn't even occur to me to look in the shounen section till later.

    My top 5

    1. Zetman
    2. Ubel Blatt(Wish these 2 ^, would go faster and not have these large gaps)
    3. Unbalance x unbalance
    4. Deadman Wonderland
    5. Akumetsu, Holyland, Black Lagoon

    Close runners up are
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    i just started to read sun-ken rock last week and it awesome, i went to the book store looking foward to buying the volumes but its only out in france.

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    Not in particular order (I've forgotten many, I just put down some that left me deep impression, more than 5... Haha long list)

    Stuffs that I love
    20th Century Boys (and its sequence), PLUTO, Monster, Billy bat (you should know why)
    Eden: it's an endless world (I love it on par with 20th CB)
    Historie (Eumenes!!!)
    Real (it crosses shounen a little bit, but the feeling is definitely seinen. It's goood, one scene from the first chapter is kind of "disturbing")
    Hotel!(one shot)
    If anime is okay(well, it has a manga) Legend of galactic heroes (I'm Yang Wenli's fan)
    Desert Punk (this one is different, really great)

    Stuffs that I like
    Gantz (it falls a little now, but well,..)
    Kokou no Hito
    Liar game (the reason I don't love this is that Kanzaki annoys the hell out of me often)
    Vinland Saga, Vagabond
    Battle Royale
    Gyo (disgusting!!!)

    Stuffs that are okay
    Bokurano (the theme is definitely awesome, but it did not have the right feeling)
    Ubel Blatt

    Stuffs that will not appear(for awhile, at least): Berserk, Basilisk, Hellsing. Well, they are undoubted great, but just kind of off my genre.
    Stuffs that might appear (because I have not read or not in the right time to read it)
    Homonculus, Kiichi!, Akira (this will probably be a yes), Blame!, Biomega! (the last 2 are "not right time"), Blade of Immortal...

    In summary, after reading Urasawa Naoki's works, and Eden, I was sad, since I know there wouldn't be any other thing that completely suits my taste anymore :(((((((((((
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    1. Berserk
    2. Vinland Saga
    3. Sun Ken Rock
    4. Desert Punk
    5. Gants

    Had to adjust it. If you read seinen mangas and haven't read Beserk , Vinland Saga or Sun Ken Rock. Then I don't know what the f*ck you is doing!?

    Is Vagabond really a seinen? Thought it was shonen. Might try it out.
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