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    Yeah we can only guess that Ulquiorra is a VL only because of the image of a VL and his helmet. But that would be kind of ignorant to say that all VL's would look similar in their hollowesque form. I think that Mr. Emo Hollow is a VL but with no proof besides an image there is not much to go on.

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    My impression is that none of the current Espada are VLs, but all but one were/are high level adjuchas. They seem to lack the power that Hitsuguya implied that Vasto Lords should have. None of the espada have had a completely human form in there non arrancar state either, which I think a true VL will. That being said I think Aizen may have at least one vasto lorde under his control. Also, the 10 Espada have failed to spell doom to SS so far, and its highly unlikely in my opinion that the three espada in the fake Karakura town will defeat their three captain opponents (soi fon, Ukitake, and Kyoraku most likely.)

    As a side note, I hope and suspect that grimmjow will become a vasto lorde, if he is not already one, before the end of the manga.

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