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Thread: The Sandaime

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    The Sandaime

    Ok we all realized a "flaw" that was supposed to be in the sandaime vs orochimaru fight. When a spirit in the death gods stomach cannot be summoned, oro tried to summon three people while he summoned shodaime, and nidaime, right?
    and everyone claims the fourth cannot be summoned.

    so here is my theory
    Naruto 117 page 18 | One Manga

    what i am saying is that it could have been uchiha madara.
    maybe madara was supposed to be given the original sandaime title but after falling out with shodai, he didnt get it. explains why sarutobi got it when he was 13!!!

    so uchiha madara was really dead so oro tried to summon him?

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    Madara wasn't in Konoha any more when sandaime was trained, I think and where does it stste that Sarutobi was hokage at 13 years old?

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    Madara was and is still alive, so it wouldn't be him being summoned.

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    Agree with the two people above me^^...
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    yea madara was alive .... he was probably trying to summon the fourth hokage but the reason it didn't work is probably because hes still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey good theory lol

    Take a look at mine
    Conspiracy theory

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    As I remember Sarutobi stopped the 4th from being resurrected

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    i recall this too, though he simply laced his fingers together as he clapped. Didn't really explain how he did anything other than making noise with his hands...
    and as to the theory, I doubt the 3rd coffin was supposed to be madara since at that point in the anime he would have been a completely new character and would have had to spend at least an episode explain who the hell he was and how he tied in with everything.
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