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REALLY? Name them? Seriously think about the question, which females are that dominantly strong in OP that we've seen, (and against strong opponents, not just averagely strong or with good abilities, but strong themselves either physically or in skills with an instrument/ weapon)?....

If you've thought of it seriously, at this point we have Boa, that's it. My reasoning is simple. Boa only female not capturing weaklings, not getting beaten/ need to be saved, and still making a difference during the war. Then 2 years later, yes although stronger opponents, she should've been marginally stronger by now too, and don't forget "Smoker's crybaby" is aiming to beat Mihawk and people of his caliber, meaning at this pace her goal is beat them all sometime in her 70's? Otherwise yes the cryings out of character, plus she simply should've been stronger by now, agreed with Sirxxx.
Another strong female character, though I concede we've only seen her once (even then her reputation should be enough to fit your characterization), is Big Mom. Again, we haven't seen the extent of her skills but she is a Yonkou and that should automatically dismiss any arguements of her being a strong female character in the OPverse.