Unsure of the translation... Is the Dragon Going to Evolve?. because it faced an opponent and was easily overpowered/ defeated once?
If so Was there a limit to how many times it can evolve?

And how in the world did Caribou's brother live?
They were way too deep in the sea, + he should automatically sink from the DF?

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Like most VA's. And Vergo will own Sanji i'm sure.

If Vergo and Smoker are G-5's Toppers, how the hell are they dealing with Beastly NW pirates?
Also, nice display of Sanji's CoO, it's more advanced than Zoro's it seems.

Think arisart said it best.

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Sanji vs Vergo, NICE!! It's either we have been overestimating Vergo's power or underestimating the strawhats. This will be fun to watch as it last. I'm afraid the smoke monster would interfere the fight. Basing on how Zoro just let Sanji go (and Luffy's happy go luck attitude throughout the arc) I'm gonna say that he will put up a great fight against him.

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Regarding Tashigi, she is of Captain class, and for someone of Captain class, she's adequately strong. I mean I can see her fighting on par against Smoker of Logue Island. I can see her ahead of that Skeleton Swordsmen Captain the Zoro defeated on the way to Enes Lobby. As a Captain, she's strong. It's just that compared to VA's, she's lacking, and who can blame her. The people who've taken her down, that being Law and Vergo, are both above that of her superior, Smoker. How did you expect her to flare? If anything I would say she's on par with Zoro pre-timeskip (she has haki so she can deal with the logia's Zoro can, however in a straight fight she'll prob still lose though).

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I just don't get the point of her character.

-She's supposed to be a voice of morality for Smoker, but Smoker really isn't lacking in the morals department himself.
-She's supposed to be a challenger to Zoro, but *laughs ass off*

I can handle seeing her get defeated over and over by really strong characters (Law, Vergo, a freaking dragon, apparently). What I can't handle is seeing her lying on the ground CRYING after taking one shot, literally begging for Smoker to come and save her ass!
Agreed except the thing about professional swordsmen/ women is unless they are like way to weak or the sword badly made; it really should be able to block/ deflect more powerful attacks to a point and as some1 said to be anywhere near the now laughably unrealistic challenger to Zolo, blocking a more powerful attack is the least she should be able to do, but didn't. And while possessing haki the strengths of theirs in comparison could still be vastly different.
The crying really did seem out of character, almost like just to have a reason to get Sanji on the scene, but suppose only time will tell.

But I would like to see Sanji get to the point where he isn't breaking out his trump cards at the very beginning of every fight. Like when Mr...Cuddles(?)--you know, the lion dude from Big Mam's crew--"fought" Caribou. He didn't use "Turtle Turtle no Backhand of a Thousand Pimps". He just punched Caribou in his shit. And I'd like to see Sanji do more of that--Just kick folks in the ass, then apply his Diablo Jamble techniques as needed. You don't see Zoro growing 6 heads and 12 arms when he first engages every opponent.
Well when Sanji, Zolo, and Luffy knocked Caribou away together, they were all probably normal just hitting him/ or with a bit of haki. Judging by Caribou's surprise to being hit, he's just so weak/ new to haki, add a little and you can send him flying. So no wonder already knowing Caribou was a logia he did the same. It just goes to tell for Vergo at least that he was strong enough for Sanji to go at him with no mercy on the 1st strike, unless it was just a testament to just how angry he was at him for harming a woman. 1 or the other

As for Sanji being more proficient at CoO. There's no real evidence of that.
From your argument, you said that the haki users will lean to one side. But if you look at it from that point of view, don't forget that Zoro was the first of the 3 to unlock CoO (on Alabasta). If anything, that would mean Zoro was more suited for CoO haki. Either way though, as Athary said, both Sanji and Zoro's haki pale in comparison to Luffy's. And Zoro pays as much attention to Swordsmen as Sanji does to women. If anything, having only one eye would force Zoro to be more attentive. As mentioned, the reason he didn't go save Tashigi is that he felt no reason to, unlike Sanji who's charged by ero-power.
Actually if you see Luffy's insight/ vision during the war that Mihawk's next slice would cut off his arms, as a emerging beginning form of CoO. Then you could also see that insight Luffy had when 1st facing Croc that his attack although greatly just sand could seriously slice Luffy as also his 1st very minor usage of CoO. Making him the 1st of the 3. And also judging by Coby during the war; maybe in general CoO is what most beings experienced 1st in their own bodies to open them up for the other 2. Even if somehow the trio is more proficient at the others CoC, or CoO, think they will all strengthen CoA to the max they can towards the end of the series, because the other 2 probably won't be as important in their final fights, + what BB said to Luffy in ID about his haki increase in strength showing from his attack, basically makes me think CoA gets stronger partly just from the aware CoA user getting stronger, and possibly they not even need be aware of their haki. But agree, possibly too soon to tell if Sanji is more proficient than Zolo at CoO proficiency. But with Brook's power development aiding his ero habits, wouldn't be surprised if Sanji's CoO took the same direction.

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I reckon Vergo is going to beat Sanji. I mean put it this way, Sanji is injured, while Vergo is the top of all the VA's at G5. If we split the VA's into 3 levels, with 3 being pretty much on par with the Admirals (looking at Garp), 1 being the noobies and 2 being those with experience, Vergo would go between 2 and 3. I would pout Sanji on par with a level 1 VA. I mean, if you look at Vergo after he got back up, it's like he wasn't really phased by that kick at all. And Sanji had used most of his moves on that already (his foot was on fire, plus the aerial boost).
Ariel boost?
Either way think you're underestimating Sanji a bit, and overestimating Vergo.

Also note, I'm very interested in Luffy's development of his G2. I mean we've seen him use FireFist (Red Hook), and we know that his body heats up when he uses G2, but now it heats up to the point that w/e he runs, he leaves a trail of fire behind him. Does that mean that there are 2 stages of G2 for him now? A normal G2 which won't have any after affects anymore (unlike pre-timeskip where he gets really worn out) and a Turbo G2 where he heats up so much and he pretty much is on fire.
Interesting idea, but think flames from running could possibly be more symbolic of Luffy itching to fight after being contained for so long.

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sanji is not gonna be beaten up becuz he already was beated' (in a way)
i doubt oDa is gonna let the SH be beaten twice, same for luffy.
most likely someone is gonna but in.
it's kinda crazy sanji getting the main villian to fight and luffy vs CC

Is the fight being broadcasted ? we saw cc and monet watching so are the other brokers watching to ?
Was thinking we never seen characters get jumps in bounty beyond their positions, but even coming close to a VA in a fight could instantly push him beyond Zolo's bounty, or even potential bounty raises, especially if Sanji's the only 1 to fight a Navy member.

Has any1 thought it possible, this whole time, that Law just played along to the enemies having his heart, sort of similar to the ways Caribou let himself be captured at 1st? Acting in pain for a liar like Law would be quite easy, or even just switching which heart they have in secret, when it suits him. Doubt after all this time Law hasn't or didn't possess ways of using his powers by hidden means.

P. S.- Love how finally some1 called Smoker on his laziness getting to fly everywhere, while others have to run.
Never thought I'd feel sorry for Brownbeard. Damn SH's don't play once they've decided something, also using him as a coatrack. Creepy how seamlessly they did it all.