I know Yama will get beaten even though he shouldn't be. Kubo MUST make something that would make his defeat justifiable. I have read a lot of manga and watched tons of anime and imo, Yama has the strongest fire type power out of all. Yeah Yama's flame>> Ace, Natsu etc..

I'm kinda sad that Yama killed the fear dude. I was hoping Rukia/Renji would avenge Byakuya's death instead.

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But the problem is blondie is also their and i guess that blondie has also a medallion..... the way i see it yamamoto's bankai compresses all the flames into that small sword thus the reaction of bach "the flames were gone".... much identical to ichigo's bankai being compress to just a normal looking zanpaktou... and that is probably the reason why their bankai's can't be stolen and is unique to only a few shinigami's(just my assumption)..... other bankai's like the other captains is either so huge (komamura, soifon) or disintegrate into different forms(Senbonzakura) or becoming an armor covering their body(hitsugaya)
You're forgetting that Kenpachi is still there. I'm pretty sure he would rise up and be really pissed and take out his anger on blondie.