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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    It would be great to see Sena (more tall, if possible) playing in a Professional League... heh.

    But I suppose the authors won't make it so long, they'll finish ES21 once the last high school tournament reaches its end...

    Adding manga to the list:
    You should also read Liar Game
    The problem is that at this point of Eyeshield 21, Deimon can ONLY keep on winning. If they lose a match right now, the plot has to start over. Fans will lose interest in the series if so. That sort of kicks the surprises out of everything. Basically we already KNOW Deimon will keep on winning, otherwise it will lose fan base. That kinda make the plot a bit TOO simple. Oh well.

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    You never know in the manga world.

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    I'm gonna suggest Shamo. To me, it's the best seinen manga out now. :top

    Jink's Manga Picks
    Shamo || Vinland Saga || Mirai Nikki || Dangu || Tokyo Red Hood

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    Claymore is awesome.

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    Read Berserk... Its insane.... really O_O

    Not for the weak hearted though

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    I though id just mention "Ares" since no one else did ^^
    its a really good manga revolving around some people who meet eachother as mercenaries. Not a very well known one compared to the other mentioned mangas, but imo its on the same level or even better than some...although ive gotta say that the artwork is kind of love it or hate it, but as you probably figured out, I find it rather cool

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    This is quite an old topic...
    And shouldn't this be somewhere in the manga forums?

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    Thumbs up

    i love few manga just like :
    1. Naruto
    2. one piece
    3. Red eyes
    4. Shin Angyo Onshi
    5. The Ruler Of Land
    6. Slamdunk
    7. 666 satan
    8. Yu yu Hakusho
    9. D-Gary man
    10. Bleach

    This the manga you like to read for good

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    Support the original manga artists and buy a subscription!
    The entire Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is released in English every Monday.
    Its only $25.99 for 12 months subscription to all Weekly Shonen Jump Manga!

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    Rurouni Kenshin
    One Piece
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    "The leopard is a cruel lover. His tenderness breaks the gazelle's heart."

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