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    soul eater?

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    I'm watching Soul Eater.. It's really good of course, one of my favorites..^^

    Tha ama@ & Wizzle@ I'll check out Vagabond and Team Medical dragon..thanksXD

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    Read Sekirei and Mirai Nikki

    Info Taken from

    Mirai Nikki:

    What sets these two apart is that Sekirei is like battle royale + pokemon + fan service.

    Mirai Nikki is [Death Note] but with psychological disorders, and plain out macabre. It shows the true human nature when equipped with power and greed, as well as those on the brink of a mental breakdown.

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    Sounds interesting^^... *Goes looking for it*

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    I think you should give Monster a shot.... its a thriller and the story is awesome

    Also taken from onemanga

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    Who about ''Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou'', it's an anime based on a video game.I give it 8/10, thou season 2 isn't complete U would have 2 wait 4 the licensed virgin

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    1. bleach (i bet youve read though...great story)
    2. rurouni kenshin! is a tiny bit of romance, but its the only shounen manga ive read that sticks to the laws of physics and is completed. do NOT watch the anime though, it fails...
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    You can try, since they have alot of anime and manga listings.

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    Or just check AnimePlanet, it's an anime recommendations database, search for an anime you've really liked and a list of similar series will show up.

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    kekkaishi...great story. more people should read. the first season is animated too

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