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    Question Manga Recommendations

    Do you guys have any recommendations on mangas with strong female characters similar to Claymore,Black Lagoon or Kekkashi

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    Mahou Sensei Negima and Sekirei. They both have strong female characters but they are both ecchi.

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    @blueiris385: Hey fellow DB fan. If you want to try a manga that doesn't have boring intro chapters, try Fairy Tail. Trust me, it's good. Btw, Neko Majin is not really a sequel to DB, it's a parody from Akira. The real sequel to DB is coming out soon in the game, "Dragon Ball Online".

    Oh, and you should definitely try One Piece. The main character of that anime was inspiried by Goku. Also, the "Wanted" by Eiichiro Oda is not a prequel to One Piece. The storyline of how Luffy obtained the gomu gomu fruit is completely different and his grandpa's not a pirate either, never was.
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    The first 60 chapters of Katekyo Hitman Reborn is basically all filler, which introduces characters into the story and 'slowly' developes the story. It's filler isn't a must-read, but there hasn't been a single boring chapter for a looong time in Reborn now. =P

    D. Gray-man is good also, I personally dropped it cause it got a bit boring.. It's about the same as Reborn, boring start but gets better later on, I think..

    Give One Piece a shot if you don't mind reading 3xx chapters to catch up.. xD

    666Satan has a good storyline and the characters look awesome so give it a shot.

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    I've watched some of the one peice anime and read the chapters that come in the Shonen monthly. I think the problem is I'm so far behind to catch up with the new chapters I can't get into quite yet. I will also give D. Grayman a try.

    Sig and Ava by Imotochan

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    as others have said, OP, read it now!

    reborn, gintama (although i think it's better watched) are must-reads too.

    also watch gintama and code geass.

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    Black Cat and Beck definitely, and I'd say Eureka Seven but already in your list. Don't forget Angel Densetsu. It's great!

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    Let's see here....

    Genshiken - Insight into the amazing world of otaku culture.

    D.Gray-Man - Great storyline that ties in with religion and exorcists.

    Death Note - Regarded by many as one of the greatest shonens of all tie with a story that will keep you guessing until the end. I'm really surprised no one mentioned it.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan37 View Post
    Black Cat and Beck definitely, and I'd say Eureka Seven but already in your list. Don't forget Angel Densetsu. It's great!
    I second Black Cat, really, it's such a fucking awesome manga.

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    How'd you find Air Gear. I wanna know since I was in a group that scanlated chapters 11x to later 160s

    As for a recommendation, if you're into action and flat out fighting, and not too much gore. I'd recommend WATCHING (yes I realized you wanted manga but it's just too awesome.) Hajime no Ippo, boxing + kick ass.

    Back to MANGA. Since you didn't specify what types you wanted to read. (cough cough)
    You can't go wrong with Pastel/Ichigo 100% both very romancy, most guys like it, I just wanna see what a girl thinks (ho ho)

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