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    ive seen beck as well but havent read the manga..i mean why would i read a manga on music? i cant hear nothing when i read it.
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    Everyone should read Monster soul!

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    I recommend any of the .hack// mangas especially Legend of the Twilight and G.U.+. G.U is more action oriented but most of .hack// including LotT is focused on character development rather than fighting so if you're not into that then avoid it. I also recommend Genshiken. It's a really funny manga about your typical and....untypical...otakus that tends to get more serious near the end. I found myself relating to some of the characters as well.

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    I recommend Highschool of the dead a survival-horror-ecchi manga . thanks to Gin0va manga list for checking it (i give you a kissing bless :p). a really good one .

    Ps: By the way Archiel , If you pass by , which manga the girl on you're sig came from. i'd like to read it .and you're avatar also !

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    I highly recommend Ares - it's a manhwa and the art is a little weird( my avatar is of the character Baroona) , but it's an amazing war/action/bloody manga!!

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    Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, Black Cat, Bleach, Naruto, Shaman King, D. Gray Man, a few others I can't think of but i'll add them later.

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    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (At least Parts 1, 2, and 3)
    Fist of the North Star
    One Piece

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    I recommend:

    Well my all time favourite D.Gray-man of course..and the usual Naruto, Bleach, One Piece
    Chrono Crusade *if ur looking for action n .. well and romance*
    Ghost Hunt *If ur really into horror, watch this at 12am midnight*
    xxxHolic *Another one of my favourite horrors*
    Death Note *another detective conan-like sherlock holmes theme*
    Shaman King *pricless action...*
    Rave Master
    Fairy Tail
    Monster *another 12pm night watcher*
    School Days *, corruption, violence while your lyk only in highschool...good moral*
    Midori days
    School Rumble
    Claymore *action and violence working with girls*

    Those are the top few i liked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caca View Post
    ive seen beck as well but havent read the manga..i mean why would i read a manga on music? i cant hear nothing when i read it.
    You are COMPLETELY wrong. Leaving aside the fact that the story of the anime only covers up 1/5 of the story of the manga so far, the manga of BECK is WAY better than the anime version.

    So what if you can hear the music while they play a live? Just put the music of the OST on while you read or something.

    I hope you finally end up reading the manga, you'll love it

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    for romantic comedies try love hina or school rumble
    for sports eyeshield 21
    for shounen one piece
    for seinen gantz
    for sci-fi neon genesis evangelion
    for mecha eureka 7
    and to understand most mangas read all the ones that were mentioned above this post

    also try:
    saint seiya
    captain tsubasa
    rouroni kenshin
    trigun maximum
    reading manga and condorito

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