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    Did you say Gin has higher chances of betraying Aizen than Tousen? I'm thinking it should be the opposite.
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    well Tozen reason are because of his so called "Justice" the his friend talk to him about, but the only i could think of for Gin would probably have something to do with Rangiku beyond that it's anyones guess.
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    My point is that Tosen is always talking about his justice thing (I can't stand it and him btw), but that means that in some way he thinks that Aizen's right, so he seems to me like his most loyal sidekick. Thus, unless Aizen tricked him and he discovers it, I'd say he won't give up on him. I mean that idealists go their way till death. On the other hand, Gin is a treacherous fu*k, he was with Aizen all along and that should be a good reason for him to be with him till the end, but his links with Matsumoto and the way he behaves make me think that he might be redeemed. Or, he was tricking everybody from the very beginning.

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