Recently (about an hour ago . . . a bit more than "recent," huh?) I switched over to Azureus as my torrent downloader thing. (I don't know what it's all called, at least not when I'm as tired as I am.) I tried to start downloading Zeta Gundam at a massive 16+GB, and my old torrent thing wasn't doing well. I was lucky to get 2 kb per second. Azureus is a lot faster, and I'm glad I made the switch. I just don't know much of anything about Azureus. Here's where this topic comes into play . . .

I'm always downloaded and deleting stuff off my computer, getting anime and then making room for more anime. Until today, I had about 10 GB free, and I was trying to get to the 16 GB needed to get Zeta Gundam. Well, I came across this folder of weird crap that a virus had apparently stuck on my computer. I got rid of it and jumped over to almost 30 GB. I checked the space on the hard drive a couple of different times to make sure that the space was really there.

I started the torrent (after getting Azureus), and things were going smoothly. I was still paranoid, so I checked the disk space again. This time it said I had about 11 GB. I freaked! I ran a piechart thing I have that shows what takes up how much space and where. I saw an Azureus downloads folder that took up 16 GB, and in it was a folder for Zeta Gundam.

I did some math, and if I take the almost 30 GB I had and subtract the 16 GB for Zeta, then I end up with about the amount of free space I have now.

To say it simply, when you download something with Azureus, does it take up the space for the thing before it's even downloaded?

Sorry this is so long-winded. I've had a tiring day, and I'm barely making sense.