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    I've been waiting for this showdown for quite sometime now...I feel like the Earl might be the one person who has any hope of taking on the apocryphos. Otherwise they're all pretty much done for. I tried my best to not peek at the scans until they've been translated haha!
    I feel like there should be a scene where the apocryphos almost gets Allen and the Earl swoops in heroically and saves him. Along with a scene explaining how exactly everyone is related to one another. That'd be nice.

    One more thing. I'd like to get you guys' opinion about this question that's been in my mind for a while. Is the Earl aware of Lavi and Panda's imprisonment? I feel like he'd been sick most of the time and then he's away at other places but Hoshino never mentions if he knows. What if Sheryl is being a d*** and is holding Lavi and Panda without the Earl's permission? I mean, he does seem to have this whole 'I'm so great' attitude. Wouldn't surprise me that he wants to take matters into his own hands...

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    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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