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    I recommend Record of Lodoss War, the original series. It came out back in 1980-something and A LOT of RPGs borrow heavily from this anime. Or rather, the anime itself follows a number of themes associated with rpgs and it greatly succeeds at making you feel like you are on this adventure with these remarkable characters. Also, despite how old the anime is (most of you probably weren't born yet), the animation, art, and music are all beautiful. I also recommend The Soul Taker which is an action/horror anime that shatters the BADASS meter. Just check out this vid!

    I also recommend the Ronin Warriors for anyone who wants a taste of old school anime BADASSES. Guys like Aizen and Uchiha Madara have nothing on the villains in Ronin Warriors and Record of Lodoss War. The villains alone make those two titles worth the price of admission.

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    Just watched the first ep of Shaft's new series, Madoka Magika. Serious eye candy, even down to the background architecture. Everyone should give it a watch.
    Probably gunna be the best anime this season. Gosick is well worth watching too, quite a peculiar murder mystery series by the looks of it.

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    Hikaru no Go!

    While examining an old Go board in his grandfather's basement, twelve-year-old Shindo Hikaru is possessed by the restless spirit of Sai, an ancient Go master who has waited for over one thousand years to play the Hand of God: the perfect move. Sai convinces Hikaru to act as a vessel for making his moves, but it is soon clear that Hikaru also enjoys Go and wants to play his own games. Moreover, the rules of Go have changed since Sai's time, and Go players from all over the world are now much stronger, having had the benefit of hundreds of years of evolution and experimentation by the masters before them. Can this unlikely pair form a successful partnership and rise to the top of Japan's Go community, and can Sai finally play the Hand of God and find some peace?

    I felt like checking it out and... It was awesome!
    I started watching it yesterday, and the 75 eps were epic...

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    Anime version of Blade, adapted from Marvel is out:

    I'll let others fill in the details, I actually think it deserves its own thread.

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    I recently watched "The Tower of Druaga" it was good although it seemed to be rushed, like characters felt strong attachments after only 1 episode with each other - they could climb many stories of the tower in just 2-3 episodes.

    It was good although it seemed like it could had been a 100episode anime and it was condensed into 24 eps all together. However if your into action(ey)/adventure animes I would suggest it if you have some time on your hands.
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