I recommend Record of Lodoss War, the original series. It came out back in 1980-something and A LOT of RPGs borrow heavily from this anime. Or rather, the anime itself follows a number of themes associated with rpgs and it greatly succeeds at making you feel like you are on this adventure with these remarkable characters. Also, despite how old the anime is (most of you probably weren't born yet), the animation, art, and music are all beautiful. I also recommend The Soul Taker which is an action/horror anime that shatters the BADASS meter. Just check out this vid!

I also recommend the Ronin Warriors for anyone who wants a taste of old school anime BADASSES. Guys like Aizen and Uchiha Madara have nothing on the villains in Ronin Warriors and Record of Lodoss War. The villains alone make those two titles worth the price of admission.