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    Find and Share New Anime

    If you have an anime that you feel people should know about, post it in here along with a quick description. Or, if you're out of animes to watch, post a request in here including specifics such as genre, and wait for a recommendation.

    To start, here are some animes that everyone should check out:
    • Naruto
    • Bleach
    • One Piece
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Rurouni Kenshin
    • Full Metal Panic
    • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
    • Samurai Champloo
    • Hunter X Hunter
    • Death Note
    • Trigun
    • Elfen Lied
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    Eureka Seven


    Ghost in the Shell
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    Gundam seed+ Gundam seed destiny
    Black Blood Brothers
    Ikkitousen+Ikkitousen dragon destiny
    Trinity Blood
    Busou Renkin


    kaze no stigma
    heroic age
    HSD Kenichi
    Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula or gigantic formula
    Hellsing Ultimate
    Kiss dum-engage planet

    thats some of them i have seen... all good

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    Tokyo majin mangekyou
    Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
    Get Backers
    Fate/Stay Night

    Definetly worth checking out.

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    • Gurren Lagann

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    Where the sun don't shine... figuratively speaking...
    I'm not gonna go into a huge list, since i don't have time for that. Instead, i'm just gonna suggest a few names of things which i've found to either really intereting for its genre, or something which is underated and deserves more credit...

    For comedy, i strongly suggest you watch Ouran Highschool Host Club . It's really interesting for a Shoujo manga, with a very unique element of "romance"... I personally prefer the anime version of Ouran than the manga

    Also, Mx0 and Ai Kora are two personal favourite mangas when it comes to romance and comedy... Ai Kora is definitely if your looking for something other than fluffy romance. Its level of comedy in contrast to romance is almost comparable to Love Hina, though not quite in the same way...

    Also, although this is quite old, i suggest Flame Of Recca. Though the anime is fairly decent, the manga is far more enjoyable. I really enjoyed reading it... although the story did have a couple of plot holes... But still, it was VERY good...

    Also, Futari Ecchi is very enjoyable... just go see for yourself ^_~
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    gunxsword--mecha,drama,action, adventure,comedy--About a traveling robot fighter seeking revenge for the murder of his wife.

    I also recommend Eureka 7--mecha, drama, romance, action, adventure--About people that can surf on the air waves and the main character joins up with his Idol air surfer and the girl he fell in love at first sight.

    Also recomment the Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED destiny--mecha,action, drama--Good ass robot fighting anime, the type u can go and say "YEAH GO KICKASS main character"

    Kiba--Action, adventure, fantasy-- This dude in the "real world" goes to a fantasy world of magic and he discovers there is a very powerful spirit inside him and follow his adventure on becoming a stronger magic user.

    Ergo Proxy--Action, Drama,romance--Follow this dude in a quest to find his past with a very cute girl robot, who was infected with a robot virus that apparently gives them a soul and a will to do as they wish.

    Last Exile--Action, adventure,fantasy, steampunk-- This 2 childhood friends dream of flying through the Grand Stream that their parents fail to do, getting involved in battle ships and such.

    Outlaw star--Action, adventure, space, drama, comedy-- This 2 friends that run their own business as jack-of-all-trades, as one of their job puts them in the pirates hit list after getting a star ship they called the outlaw star and go on an adventure to find this girl's past.

    Black Lagoon--Action, mafia, lots of guns--What can i say, chicks with guns, nuns with guns, maids with guns, children with guns, Everyone has guns, good series.

    Scryed--Action, drama, adventure, fantasy-- there is a new race of humans that can transform some matter into their weapons and there is like a mini war going on in this island. This series has 2 main character, their are rivals who just want to kill each other.

    Welcome to the NHK--Comedy, drama-- this guy has been living in his room for 4 years barely coming out, he starts believing that a conspiracy named NHK is what makes him unsociable, and this girl starts helping him with his problem by giving him lectures, but really his friendship with her and his next door neighbor is what really helps him.

    This are my own short summary description and this are a few of the series i think are good or okey, here is a link to a website that u can download 60-80mb video files of this series, in case u don't like to download from other websites with the files over 200mb, of coarse the quality is not as good as the 200+mb.
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    Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha



    devil may cry (not as good as the game)

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    .....You guys named the good ones already

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    Ones i enjoy are:

    Hellsing OVA's
    One Piece
    Naruto & Naruto Shippuden
    Death Note
    and Excel Saga (a must watch)

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