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    NHK ni youkoso! [welcome to the NHK] [Comedy]
    Pani Poni Dash! [Comedy]
    Azumanga Daioh [Comedy]
    Jigoku Shoujo [Futakomori] [Drama/Horror]
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [Horror]
    Death Note [Supernatural/Horror]
    Code Geass [Supernatural/Meccha]
    Elfen Lied [Horror/Drama]
    Peace Maker Kurogane [Historical/Action]
    Le Chevalier D'Eon [Historical/Horror]
    Ergo Proxy [Science-fiction/Supernatural]
    Ichigo Mashimaro [Comedy]
    Gunslinger Girl [Drama/Action]
    Black Lagoon [Action]
    Mushishi [Supernatural]
    Excel saga [Comedy]
    Kamichu! [not to be mistaken for Kamichama] [Drama/Supernatural] [Great Animations]
    Full Metal Alchemist [Action]
    Trinity Blood [Horror/Science-fiction]


    Paprika [Drama/Near-Future/Supernatural]


    Seto no Hanayome [Comedy]
    Hayate no Gotoku! [Comedy]
    Lucky Star [Comedy]
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai [Horror]
    Devil May Cry [Horror]
    Darker than Black [Action/Science-fiction]
    Zombie-Loan [Horror/Supernatural]
    The Skull Man [Supernatural/Horror]
    Wangan Midnight [Cars/Initial D]
    Ichigo Mashimaro OVA's [Comedy]
    Hellsing Ultimate OVA's [Horror]
    Chocotto Sister [Comedy]
    Moe-tan [Mahou-Shoujo/Comedy]
    Claymore [Action/Horror]

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    I LOVED Paprika, so much. What about you guys?

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    Never heard of Paprika, is it good? Sorry for getting a bit :offtopic
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    Quote Originally Posted by blud View Post
    • Gurren Lagann
    yes, that is like the BEST anime of this season. everyone should watch it.

    "Your drill is a drill that will pierce through the heavens!!" XDD

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    Kaze no Stigma and Devil May Cry are pretty new and cool.
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    Someone mentioned Gundam Seed & Death Note...
    There's a quite new anime called "Code Geass" that's blending both of those animes' elements together; mecha-fighting action & great strategy/planning.
    Do try it out or at least, check Wikipedia for more info about it.
    It's currently not completed yet but it has already won quite some awards; for the anime story itself and the OP "Colors".
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    Toward the Terra (aka Terra-e) is a great new show. It starts off kinda slow, but soon becomes freaking twisted. It reminds me of the movie Equilibrium, only in space... and with uber powerful psychics.

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    Awesomeness can be found in the following anime

    -Kaze no Stigma
    Kazuma the exiled and inept fire spellcaster who actually turns out to be a powerful wind user known as a contractor, plenty of action and humor

    -Excel Saga
    Excel, the most hyper and psychotic girl in the known universe, Hyatt the girl who keeps dying, Menchi the dog/emergency food supply, Pedro the ghost, Nabashin, the afro-warrior....and a bunch of other crazy characters makes this one of the craziest and coolest animes ever, it doesnt even need a plot

    -Elfen Lied
    Ultra violent one second, ecchi scenes the next, whats not to love. About two cousins who find a naked girl n the beach whose lost her memory, naming her Nyu and decideing to look after her the two don't realise that shes actually has a very dangerous alter-ego capable of massive destruction, although the people coming after he know that all to well...

    In a future where a strange natural phenomenon has allowed for the birth of individuals with Alter Power, the ability to create and manifest a unique power. the apperance of Alter's has deeply troubeld the world and Alter's are outcasts in society. Kazuma is one such Alter, with his awesome right arm Shell Bullet, he'll do anything for money, though this has caught the attention of HOLY, the anti-Alter crime force and its most powerful member Ryuuho with his unstoppable Alter Zetsuei

    -Full Metal Panic (ALL OF THEM)
    Sgt. Sousuke Sagara, the most socially inept teenager imaginable, on a mission to protect the very special Kaname Chidori from those who would do her harm, except Sousuke usually causes more problems then he solves, its part action, part comedy and just a touch of romance

    -Devil May Cry<----pretty new but good all the same
    All about the adventures of Dante, the man for hire, theres so much cool action in this one its just so cool

    -Bleach<-----just wait till after the fillers
    I dont think i need to explain Bleach, all you need to know is one guy, a bunch of soul eating monsters and only one way to deal with them...a giant sword (thats how it started out but the storyline has changed to stopping evil guy from his plots to do evil stuff)

    -Samurai Champloo<----i will not hear one more bad word about the ending
    Mugen, the rough talking, unique sword fighting samuai from the Ryukyu islands, Jin the super fast, and silent samurai team up with Fuu a ditzy waitress after some events stick them together all in the hopes of finding the samurai the smells of sunflowers...its got cool music, awesome fight scenes and a lot of humor

    -Gundam SEED+Destiny
    A new adventure of the Gundam universe, the Earth Alliance at war with ZAFT develop in secret protype Mobile suits on a neutral colony, when this colony is attacked by ZAFT Kira Yamato finds himself piloting the GAT-X105 Strike one of the prototypes in order to protect his friends, however his enemy is someone he never would have expected...the plot of this series is worthy of the Gundam series and well worth watching

    This series is a little bit newer and is a very new take on the Shakespeare classic, if you thought the one with Leo DiCaprio was original, just wait till you see Neo Verona, the continent in the sky, Juliet as a mask wielding vigilante, and a host of interesting spins on the old tale (The Baird himself appears in the anime)

    -School Rumble
    The trials and tribulations of the two lords of misunderstandings Tsukamoto Tenma and Harima Kenji as they both pursue their prospective love interests, for Harima its Tenma herself while for Tenma, she continues to chase after the curry loving of the funniest animes out there

    -Code Geass
    A strange alternate future where the empire of Britainnia controls about a third of the world, Japan has also fallen yet many seek their freedom from their foreign rulers, but probably the one who hates Britannia and its royal family the most is Lelouche, a Prince of the britannian royal family believed dead, given a strange power by the mysterious C.C, Lelouche becomes the masked revolutionay Zero as he seeks to gain a way to destroy the nation of Britannia, what stands in his way though is his best friend, Suzaku, son fo the former Prime Minister of Japan who has decided to support Brittania and try to resolve any problems from within. an awesome show with a lot of plot twists and a lot of unanswered questions

    -Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho:To<--and the soon to be released 2nd season
    Five Teenagers given the power to fight the demons of the night each with their own special ablity they battle against the evil Kozunu and his minions, this anime has supernatural fight scenes and a interesting plot..something which has to absolutely be watched

    Theres more but im probably taking up too much space...

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    Sekushi Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo, Masaru-san!
    Okometsubu Fujiyama has recently transferred over to a new school, Wakame High School. His goal is to make 100 friends--until he meets the extremely wierd Masaru Hananakajima. Masaru is a martial artist whose specialty is the "Sexy Commando" form of martial art. Masaru forms a club based on this art, including Fujiyama, who he nicknames Fuumin, in the club. The club becomes full of strange, yet wacky people. Aliens, moustaches, and cute fuzzy animals are encountered as the club moves along and gets steadily more popular.

    Info from
    Awesome random humor.

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    Althought some of these have been said - I must stress:

    Ergo Proxy
    Wolf's Rain
    Full Metal Panic
    Code Geass

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