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    The superpower *GAME*

    OK, i started a crap topic and Di3 came up with what can only be called an amazing idea for a new game... so i'm going to steal it and claim it for my own... uh, i mean... nevermind... =D
    Basically it goes like this:
    One person says a special power (invisibility, flight, super strength etc.). Then the next person to post says what he (or she) would do with it, then comes up with a wierd, wonderful or just plain normal way they got the power, and then a superhero name for themselves. Then he/she thinks of a new power, and this happens again... and again hopefully... =S.
    OK i'll start with an example and my answer:

    First person says invisibility.

    I say:
    I'd sneak around, be a pervert in general and rob several banks.. i got the power from the god of perverts (yer, wtf i know) when he realised i was such a promising student, and i call myself... The Creeper Peeper!!! (you know you love it) =D

    Then i say Flight (next person chooses a name, what they'd do and how they got it)
    Come on, give it a go... could be fun!!! =]

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    Ok then i shall join you in your game.
    i`ll go from the invisible thingy you wrote.
    i would sneak backstage to my favourit band and listen to them, sneak around and see what hot guys do when nobody is watching, and who knows what else i would come up with ;P

    ok next power!!!!

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    I would teleport to Vida Guerra's bedroom

    Hmmmmm the next superpwoer is X-ray vision

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    I'd peep into....nevermind. I got the power from an ant I saw on the road of life, and I am called X-Ray Ant Lover Super Chick

    next superpower is: super-hearing.
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    Kind of power is that :( Damn You Arah
    Id see if my friend were taking behind my back while i wasnt only usefull thing i found..Name Shall BE DUMBO and got the powers by listening to crap music over and over again
    Next Power Up: Acidic Spit
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    I'd melt down all who opposed me. >_>

    I got it by drinking some weird stuff under the sink.....I am The Regurgitator!

    Next power is invulnerability.

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    I'd see what it was like to fall from reaaaaaaaally high buildings, and get hit by trains and busses, i got it from some dodgy face cream that made my skin inpenetrable, and i'd be called Mr. Cant-touch-this (duu duu du du, du du, du du..)

    next power is Super speed!

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    I would peek at thgirls changing room and run for my life really fast. I would call myself Sang0zerine (combo of sangaz, wolverine and gin0va (the piggest pervs))

    the power of the shims (not a him nor a she)

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