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    Key Quest - Action webmanga, give it a try!

    Currently updates with three pages weekly and has had very positive response. An independent work, which needs your support. Link is in my sig, give it a try and tell your friends. Comments welcome

    Don't miss it!
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    i liked it.. though you dont need to need to listen to my lil comments or anything but i thought there wasnt enough lil random comedy things,i thought it was way to fast paced like he all sudden goes on this quest to find his father...and i thought there wasnt really any thinking bubbles or anything they spoke everything..sorry about the negative freeback but i did like it and the idea isnt bad at all
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    Feedback is good, thank you, still getting into the groove of things .
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    Chapter 2 has been completed today. Chapter 3 title page will show up on sunday and chapter 3 will start on monday

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