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    maybe he just showed one eye sharingan because he wanted to make it look like he lost his power or something ...

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    why would kish even bother making saskue activate ONE sharingan?

    its got to be that madara activated the sharingan for him.

    -------contradicting theory----------
    yeah i agree with ??????????

    remember how saskues left eye always gets the effects added to it.

    like when he was first bit my orch and then sakura was getting beaten up by one of the sound ninjas. then saskue woke up and kicked that guy's ass. and his left eye was purple or something.
    or back in the valley of ends when saskue was first talking to naruto, his left eye was yellow or something
    or during the itachi fight, orch eye came out in saskues left eye.

    its always his left eye..

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    haha the truth is that I think that the black eye thing is just a shade effect, remember that sasuke is inside a cavern or smthg like, and when you are in a dark place and turn your sight (or an eye) to a brighter place, your eyes will be clear (I mean the color, if you have dark brown, it will look brown). So when I read the chapter, I didnt check something like a power up, it is just a shade effect. Sharingan eyes are surprising but dont glow in the dark! The must important thing in the chapter is the Introduction of Tobi, not the dark right eye of sasuke

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    no way. he doesn't need anymore power ups, he's already unbelievably strong (too strong for just 3 years of training IMO), beating both deidara and itachi in a short amount of time..

    if anyone else needs a powerup its either naruto or sakura just to keep up with him

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    i thimk that madara gave sasuke itachi's eyes

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    Maybe it's just showing Sasuke's level of control, as when he goes through controlled, partial Curse Seal transformations. We can assume that, ordinarily, activating one's Sharingan results in both eyes going active - his control is such that, lacking enough chakra to run both eyes at the same time, is able to activate just the one and sustain that amount of chakra drain.

    I doubt that it's a simple artistic error, simply because Kishimoto loves Sasuke, and wouldn't forget to draw the other sharingan eye. But I don't think we're supposed to infer that he had some kind of power-up from this alone.

    ...Now that I think about it, though, in the course of his last fight, Itachi was blind in one eye while still using the Sharingan in the other for some of his Mangekyou jutsus. Maybe this is foreshadowing Mangekyou, as the blood dripping from Sasuke's left eye might have done a few chapters ago.
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    well i dont think it's something to get too worked up over. i just think sasuke is tired and exhausted from his fight with itachi and so he can't fully awaken both eyes.

    other than that, i think that the answer (if there is one) will be explained in the next manga.
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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    Under normal circumstances, both eyes will have the Sharingan in them, so when i see that only one eye activates the Sharingan, Im not automatically thinking "power up." I'm thinking "there must be a problem." I don't see much good coming out of one eye activation of Sharingan.
    yeah, this seems the most logical thing

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    The name of the manga is naruto and yet we know more about sasuke than any other character. I mean his entire freakin family is the basis of the story. Look at it. his possible great great great great great grand father is one of the main antagonist, his brother has basically become the main point of confict, his tragedy beat naruto being an orphan, 2 hokage's deaths, and a freakin invasion of konoha. his life stoy has been told like 20 times, each time more boring than the last. the freakin plot has surrounded "rescuing" him for about 211 chapters out of the 397, his character has had the most radical changes from being an emo avenger to being an emo with friends to being an emo sociopath back to being an emo avenger but with snakes as friends. what makes it even more odd is everyone likes him while he hates everyone, and he has the largest jump in power from barely being able to beat naruto to being able to take out a legendary ninja with his own ability no less. Why is it that in this instance the anti hero so to speak has more to do with the story than the freakin title character. naruto only knows 4 jutsu while sasuke invented his own jutsu, two variants of one he was taught, and got new ones. Kishi is just making it seem like it's cool to be emo WTF. Now he can use itach's MS what else is sasuke gonna do, fight god and yake over the universe!?! ALL THIS WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE I HATE SASUKE AND DEIDARA SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM FOUNDATION


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    yay, one of my theories was proven, never happened before. so i guess now sasuke has all of itachis ms jutsus including amaterasu, tsukuyomi, and susano, he probably wont be able to use them though at least not right now.

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