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Thread: Help, Ayakashi!

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    Help, Ayakashi!

    Anywho heres an intro to the subject i will be talking about, theres this new anime, its called "Ayakashi". Its about a world where people may be what they called an "ayakashi handler", kinda like those people from Fate/Stay Night who have those spirits. The ayakashi are a double edged sword, the handler deteriorates as they use the ayakashi more and more.

    Heres a link to where you can watch the anime Search Results for: "ayakashi" | Veoh Video Network
    Its the anime with the blue haired people.

    Anyway, here is my question,
    for those who already know this anime: 'Do you know where i can find the manga?'
    for those who dont: 'Here is a cool anime you may watch, if you enjoy. I would like to ask if you know any sites that may have it, as my most reliable source, Mangashare, does not have it'

    Ty in advance.

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    I would guess that onemanga or bleach exile would have the manga, and for the sites, look in the opening to see what group is subbing it. They usually have a logo at the title, and just google that.

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