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    for some reason i think that itachi has always been good from the start. its hard for me to believe that he help kill off his whole clan so that sauske could have a chance to reach MS and take his eyes away from him. itachi must have some other motive if he were to receive sauske's eyes. to kill off madara perhaps? so here's how i think it went down. itachi learns about madara and wants to stop him because he's bad. he can't so he joins him in hopes of growing stronger in the future to defeat him. at the same time he's pumping up sauske so he can become stronger. maybe someday sauske can defeat madara. itachi fights sauske so that sauske could vent out his anger and also to test his ability. at the end itachi is confident that his brother has a chance of defeating madara so he dies and sauske lives. that was my really short version of what i think happened.

    the reason i mentioned itachi's white eyes is because symbolism is used a lot in this anime. itachi's white eyes could symbolize that he's a good guy. with those eyes he didn't kill sauske. when he was using the sharingan eyes he wanted to kill sauske.

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    Itachi made his ulterior motive clear. So clear that it couldn't have been misunderstood. He would get Sasuke's eyes, attain EMS, and oppose Madara because he thought that Madara was not fit to be the greatest Uchiha. Sasuke was a means for him to attain that goal. Anyway, I still don't think his white eyes symbolize anything because we all know that if Itachi had just a little more gas in the tank, Sasuke wouldn't have any eyes right now.

    Not to mention that Itachi himself stated that only one of them would leave the fight alive. Two ppl enter, only one leaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theflash View Post
    "Was Itachi a good guy from the start?"
    i knew it all along that itachi was good. he was protecting his brother and the village.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    So from Itachi's eyes being white, you made your way to the assumption that Itachi may have been a good guy? Highly unlikely. Even though Itachi's eyes turned white, they still look different from Neji's eyes.

    i figured his eyes turned white since he gave each MS power to sasuke

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