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    quite awesome chapter! now I know why MH took Gajeel away from the fight...there is a hint...but i still do not like all the spot light to natsu...Ok, I should not mind this.
    the dragon graveyard, that is so terrible, why most dragon buried here?
    hey, does anybody notice that there are scars on levy's poor girl..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post

    The difference between then and now is that this isn't one of Charla's grainy flashbacks. This whole arc is being recounted by Levy, so everything she's saying has already happened.
    But....thats exactly what happened with the S-Class exams, we got grainy predictions, then fastforward to Romeo talking about how they never returned, then return to current time.....

    Also I didn't even notice Levys scar the first time, thats a shiner right there....

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    hmm, Jellar is quite a gentle man, before he wants to know who is the masked woman, he shoewd his face at first..

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