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    Bleach Bleach Hand made Drawing

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to stick this drawing, but heres a drawing of Bleach

    Bleach pencil artwork by ~God-Given-25 on deviantART

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    Very good job, only critique would be that Ichigo's face is a little too round. Other than that, that is a very good drawing.

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    I say that pic looks really nice, I can see that you probably played around with how Ichigo's hair would look, I actually think the back of the head could be changed just a little bit, but overall it looks nice.


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    Thats an amazing drawing, i've always wanted to be able to draw manga quality, because I have SO many storylines that i reckon could make pretty decent series =[

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    Damn I wish I was that good. I love what you did with the mask.

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    just makes my drawings look lyk crap xDD
    It's nice, detailed, shaded, texture. You name it. Cept ichigo kinda changed..or is it just me.
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    It's great. Very well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by godgiven25 View Post
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to stick this drawing, but heres a drawing of Bleach

    Bleach pencil artwork by ~God-Given-25 on deviantART
    I used Volume 19 front cover as a referenced so you'd expect it to be more rounder

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    That art drawing is very good drawing. The contrast between the hair of the girls and even the clothes is very good and very perfect match for that art drawing.
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    Mate, it's amazing. Well done.

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