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    The Stubborn Trio

    This is a thread for Minato, His son Naruto, and Jiraiya. These 3 are practically family. The purpose of this thread is a discussion of these 3, anything goes; why you like them, their similarities, values, the teacher-pupil relationship between them, why you want to have their babies, whatever.

    PS are any of you here good at art. I would kill to say a picture of naruto in Hermit mod with long hair like Jiraiya's. That would immediately transform naruto into the most kick ass character of all.
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    I think it was Minato's wife, Kushina who was the stubborn one. But whatever. All they needed was the Kamehameha Wave, then they would have truly been great.

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    Poor Jiraya..

    -He never had a wife
    -He never had a baby
    -He was perverted
    -He almost got killed 2 times.. by people he loved
    -Then he died..

    But he was truly respected by everyone^^

    Could it be posibble that he has a kid out there? He probebly has been with many women, maybe one of them got a "pie in the oven"..

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