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Seriously... Does anyone really think Aizen is gonna fight for SS? He was trying to take over/destroy it not too long ago. Suddenly, he's gonna want to fight to save it? Come on... And he's sealed deep underground somewhere, so who's gonna go let him out? The only person who should be able to is Yamamoto... and we all know he ain't doing that.

So, in my opinion, it's safe to assume that the 5 'special weapons' that the Sternritter have identified doesn't include Aizen.
If aizen really wanted to destroy SS he could have done it already but he didn't and didn't care about sereitei...... the guy last arc doesn't care about anything but himself and achieving the ultimate form and becoming king..... we still don't know what he'd do if he is release or not.... so i highly doubt he is one of the special weapons and nobody knows how deep the prison he is in..... only the novel tackled that and its not even officially known in the manga at what level of depth it is