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    Quote Originally Posted by Naamean View Post
    An epic chapter? A guy who wants to destroy everything because he lost a girldfriend he never had (Rin) or because he failed being chuunin before another one (Kakashi, who is not an Uchiha)? For me this is disappointing, and I do not care if I had the good or the bad theory, it is just too "light" story speaking, not even taking into account the timeline
    I agree, totally! Whatever the explaining, it will be a bit of a stretch. Virtually every little shinobi/kunoichi in narutoverse dreams of becoming Kage and finding the love of his life. I can hardly call that a dream. And many shinobi most certainly envy someone. As it seems right now, Obito is little more than a child, who is angry after not having received what he wished for. And his solution is to lead the world into destruction. I really hope it's not that simple.

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    yea boi!!!! I like being right. I was able to see through the genjutsu. I knew it was Obito the entire time.

    Now waiting for Kishi to explain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosMaster View Post
    Kishi is openly trolling us now. Lost all respect for that guy. There's so much flaw in Tobi being Obito as well, I'm guessing his going to turn this around by saying it's really Izuna in control or something.
    OR....he formed a Henge no Jutsu at the last moment before his face was revealed?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    Seriously POW, you'll just say anything to negate the evidence. Those were Obito's flashbacks, records about his true feelings towards rin, his dreams, his everything. If it were someone inside obito's body, he wouldn't have a reason to remember all of this. It's clear, crystal clear that the reason that made him go evil was the loss of Rin. this is what the chapter wants to emphatyse, and reveal.
    His right side of the body was crushed by a boulder, i'd like to see your face after something like that.
    And stop saying that it doesen't match. If kishimoto decided for this option, i'm sure he has a good explanation ready and waiting to be revealed. It might actually surprise you.
    Ororchimaru's jutsu allows him to take over someone's body and access their mind as well. I'm just saying the fact still remains timeline wise things don't match up. There is always more to this situation than meets the eye.

    Especially when Uchiha are involved kishi often uses misdirection because of the Illusion based power of the Sharingan. That's why I'm saying dont take everything at face value.

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    Ha ha ha XD, That was a mean trick with the mark on Obito's face, but I guess that makes sense if it was crushed by a boulder.
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    Oh, the bloodbath that these comments are going to turn into this week!

    Great chapter. Loved the lack of dialogue. Now we see how Obito made the physical jump to Tobi. It should be a doozy to see how he made the mental and intellectual jump too...


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    Well, ok...maybe I let the euphoria take the best of me at first.

    There might be still more to tobi's identity, but it's Obito's body, Obito's memories and i don't know any other reason for the flashbacks than showing how much Obito loved Rin and entrusted to Kakashi.

    Simply put...all evidence, right now point for him to be obito. Of course kishi may troll us all

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    Hey guys, those of you who think its a waste of time...if you don't like it, don't read it! I thought it was a good 'silent' chapter regardless. As to how they'll explain him being around the time of the 4th being Hokage, that's simple enough ain't it? Space/Time jutsus are called Space/TIME for a reason aren't they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    Those were Obito's flashbacks
    Wasn't it Kakashi's flashback? That would make more sense.

    The body clearly seems to be the one of obito but I start to think that it could be "nobody's body", that Tobi could model his body at will with Zetsu cells. That would explains why, for example, Kisame recognized Madara. At the same time, this assumption seems wrong because how could Tobi clones an old Obito?

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    So, Kishi chose Characters after all... hmmmmmmm, or is it ?

    I liked this flashback. It was fun to see more of Obito, Young Gai and all others. It seems like he wanted to be Hokage ;O, or only tired to impress Rin.

    Well, I knew that those weren't wrinkles but scars and such (because they weren't around his eye like in case of Hiruzen or Danzou/ were simply too far away in difference to Hiruzen and Danzou).

    So, Black Zetsu is Izuna then... or perhaps, they swapped their bodies... or an agglomeration of Uchiha souls ? Just because he has Obito's body doesn't mean he is only that... well but he still most likely is ;P.

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