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    lol blood manipulation like in avatar xD lol what a cool elements if u could create matter and make it clash with anti-matter
    NAruto's next Rasengan powerup(where he uses his new Fuuton RS while in Fox Xage mode) will accidentally make a tear in dimensions and suck Aizen and everyone else into Narutoverse, which will result in Madara and Aizen fusing, and Naruto will borrow Ichigo's enormous Zanpakuto and charge it with Wind Chakra and cut Madaraizen(if you steal this term I will hunt you down and disembowel you) in half, and then the world explodes from the awesomeness of the scene.
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    yea^^ I thought of that too long time ago..

    What if some ninja could do blood-bending.. And control people and animals like a puppet.

    I would love to see Ino or gaara do that

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    wait a sec....

    wait, if madara started akatsuki, then how come he needed to ask to join as tobi? y isnt he just saying, im madara, bow down? its weird.....

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    Madara is incognito.

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    Water + Fire = Sauna no Jutsu

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    Chidori + Rasengan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAKASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by god_lord_sunday View Post
    Light and Darkness
    We all night light already exist
    darkness is known as the absence of light, but many scientist believe in an energy that conventional technology cannot detect..... Dark Energy
    (P.S The largest daimond found is a white dwarf star 10 million light years away, it 10 trillion trillion carats.)
    Were u watching "The Universe" on the history channel?

    I wanna know what Pain's freakin sixth element is, i hope it wasn't a typo in the translation. But i'd like a combination of all 5 elements to create heaven's chakra or something like chakra of Creation, basically something that is pure energy. Btw i think 4 tailed naruto showed something like a good chakra and evil chakra to use in it's dark energy blast.

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    This thread is clearly meaningless as most of the posts in here are just spam and offtopic. Narutards + physics = ...well...this piece of stupidity we have here.

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