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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkz View Post
    i bet goku can defeat that little scrimp.
    goku= murderer, deathnote time!!!!!!

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    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Quote Originally Posted by Noir View Post
    Alucard from Hellsing, the guy's a freaking monster!!

    Yeah Alucard is dracula and hes the most powerful. yeah he sometimes hides behind the guns n stuff, but when you really get him worked up, damn!
    Alucard is god, dude, god.
    I mean, the eyes, the long flowing hair, the teeth, the black misty thing, cmon, no matter how many pieces you slice him into, how many times you put a blessed knife through his skull, he'll still come and eat you up.

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    I wanna say Goku for sheer power and strength...... so I will. Alucard is simply immortal, so I think that even Light from Death Note couldnt beat him because first all, Alucard would simply dominate his mind and Ryuk, even though he wouldnt help him, he probably couldnt help him, because Alucard probably could Kill Ryuk if he wanted to.

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    I'm going to have to break the trend here and say Nagi from the Negima series. Because all those other guys are godlike and don't count.

    I Love You!

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    couldn't goku just kamehameha the death note to pieces
    Those who wander aren't always lost.

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    I dare you
    Quote Originally Posted by iat27 View Post
    couldn't goku just kamehameha the death note to pieces
    i dont think that the death note can dissapear o,o

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