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    still got kabuto
    I am McLOVIN

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    1 of the great thing with naruto there is still so much mystery left. We havent even seen all the major countries yet or maybe even the countries beyond the offical map.
    The characters growth is realistic and will take time to ses thier true potenial.

    I still believe there is going to be a Time skip and a full scale ninja war!

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    It has to last at least 3 more years. I say this because we have to see how neji turns out, if hinata will ever get a back bone(anime fillers don't count) how far rock lee progresses, if sakura will ever have a purpose beyond sasuke, i naruto EVER finds out about yondaime being his dad and how his mom died and if he ever actually becomes hokage, is ero sennin really dead (I say he is), how will tsunade die if she does, what happens to kakashi, is rin dead of alive, will the uchiha clan return to it's former power or will it die with sasuke, will shikamaru ever become jonin and will him and temari ever get together. why is tenten even in the plot, whats up with konohamaru, whats up with kabuto, what will happen with choji and ino, whats up with asuma and kureni's baby, will the kyuubi take over naruto or will he control it with all nine tails, whats the jutsu ero sennin told naruto not to use, will sakura ever learn an actual jutsu, will the rasenshirken be used again and if so how will naruto get around injuring himself while using it, will sasuke gain MS and will he take itachi's eyes, who will kill pain? SO MANY QUESTIONS NOT YET ANSWERED


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    I'd say theres about another 82 chapters that can be done

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    hope it keeps goimg for long.....but with good storylines

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    some poeple think kashi is dragging on the story. exactly how?!? I don't understand. i think dragging on a story mean repeating the same events or pointless events.
    i don't care if it goes on for another 5 or 6 years, i will still read it. The story is pretty cool and kashi is making a lot of money. we enjoy it and he gets the credit, PEACE ON EARTH!

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    Up until recently I really thought the story had a long ways to go. After Jiraiya's battle with Pain, the revelation of Madara and Itachi's death, all took place in a relatively small stretch amount of time, I am beginning to question how much further the story can really go. Before all that, there were so many mysteries that really could have lead into a bigger story all the big villains Pain, Itachi, and Madara were for the most part kept in the dark. Now a lot more has been revealed and basically, from what I can tell, there will need to be some huge twists in order for the story to keep going without getting really lame (random over powered villains with linear plots dropping out of nowhere much like in dragonballz).

    With that said, I can pretty much guarantee that it will last to the end of next year. This year the Manga is supposed to focus on Sasuke. Naruto's big developments aren't supposed to happen until after that so I would bank on the manga definitely going to at least around the chapter 500 mark.

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