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    Naruto Shippuuden Movie

    I was on you tube and found some clips from the fourth naruto movie, anyone know anything about it story wise or anything beyond what's in the previews?

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    Hmm, the trailers look pretty interesting, but I think I'm about as confused as you as to the story.

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    long trailer...

    Spoiler to be confirmed: Naruto dies and is resurrected at the cost of the life of who resurrected him.

    We just have to wait till the sunday or till the monday to know more about the movie and till 15 of this month to see the raw of the movie in torrent. Altought don't expect to see subs because most of the fansub (or the only worthy fansub "dattebayo") waits for the dvd.
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    ya but i wish dattebayo subs it fast i waited a year to watch the third movie but that movie was stupid so hopefully this movie would be much better than first 3

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    The kyuubi
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    yeah cant wait till the subs come out. anyways i got another trailer in youtube and its longer than the previous one

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    it looks really cool im going to die from the anxiety of waiting to watching this movie

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    I thought the second Naruto Movie was the best, the first was good and all, but the story for the second was more involving. So when i get a naruto movie hankering I'll watch the second again and again.

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    I hated the second movie. I felt it wasn't in the "Naruto theme" I felt like I was watching another anime just with the Naruto characters in it. This movie looks promising though.

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    Concerning the poll, I say that any Naruto movie should be a filler story. Everything in Naruto is connected, so if the movie was a couple of fights against Akatsuki, like the fights with Hidan and Kakuzu (the only thing I could see becoming a movie, being able to take up 1 1/2-2 hours), then those who don't see the movie will be completely confused with the anime. It'd be bad for those in Japan (unless they stopped showing Naruto on TV for awhile and let everyone have the chance to see it), but it'd be even worse for those in the US, because it wouldn't be subbed until it was on DVD, which would be a long time away. Even if it was subbed while in theaters, the quality would no doubt be bad since it'd have to be a cam version. Anyone see the cam version of the FMA movie? Unwatchable.
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    Regarding the poll: Its probably a filler arc because if the leading character dies then... err the story ends. If this movie were to come out when the manga and/or anime is closing to its ending then would be more possible that it's a story arc.
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