View Poll Results: Do You think Tobi Madara or Obito

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  • Tobi said he was Madara

    24 61.54%
  • Tobi has one sharigan just like obito an in the same eye

    8 20.51%
  • Tobi and obito is is simlar

    7 17.95%
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    im not quite sure about who tobi is...
    but im thinking that he could possibly be obito.

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    Tobi = Zetsu's brother
    Because they both have 2 personalities.

    Man stop the threads already....
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    thnx for the post, swift. now this thread can be trashed, which should really have been done long ago.

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    All that is is a story summary caption which is in most manga and even American comic books! The writer(Kishimoto) is only giving us(the readers) the info that we need at this point in the story, thats the purpose of those pics...3-4 months down the road Ill bet alot of those summaries will change...

    In other words...this proves nothing still...

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    It's a character summary, not a plot summary. Not the same thing, so Tobi is gonna be Uchiha Madara until proven otherwise.

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    I just want to point out that there is definitly something fishy going on.

    Yes, he's Madara.

    HOWEVER, what the hell is with his mask design showing only his right eye? That's not by accident. And why does it only ever show the regular sharingan, and no EMS?

    Important questions that we can't really answer right now. It adds to the air of mystery still surrounding Madara.

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    Tobi is Madara. No doubt about that. But I believe he is using Obito's body.

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