View Poll Results: Best Looking Guys of One Piece?

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  • Luffy

    11 9.82%
  • Zoro

    23 20.54%
  • Ussop

    5 4.46%
  • Sanji

    15 13.39%
  • Ace

    18 16.07%
  • MiHawk

    11 9.82%
  • Shanks

    15 13.39%
  • Smoker

    4 3.57%
  • Lucci

    6 5.36%
  • Others

    4 3.57%
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    Best Looking Guys of One Piece

    Best Looking Guys of One Piece:

    Throw in your vote and leave a comment, supporting your pick. (If your character isn't listed just hit "Others" and post who your unlisted pick was.)

    MiHawk = 1 vote. Cause he's just that awesome.
    "The leopard is a cruel lover. His tenderness breaks the gazelle's heart."

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    SOS Brigade Chief DukeTheGold's Avatar
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    Umm... a better idea would be making a poll about the best looking good guys to avoid character conflicting with another poll. Oh well.

    I voted Zoro, for no good reason .

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    I like the way mihawk carrying the sword....wonder how does he look like without the hat....

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    Because he's so cool.
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    Ace is just that hot (bad pun, bad pun) plus those freckles... xD

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    Luffy, no doubt. His looking, attitude and that character in general is the strongest reason that makes me love One Piece.

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    Sanji + Luffy = Sanjuffy trebay57's Avatar
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    :rofl I voted Sanji, and it sure as hell wasn't for those ugly shirts, I'll tell you that. I just know how good it feels to wear a suit.
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    Poor Usopp, I should have voted for him. After Luffy, it's the best character of the series for me

    I hope he gets at least 1 vote xD.

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    I voted for Sanji--only 'cause his swirly eyebrow and suit are yummy. XD

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    I like his expression when he is really angry and his demonic sword style is brilliant

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