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Thread: Get Backers

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    Cool Get Backers

    who find interesting the get backers? i think a lot of people, its a interesting funny and cool anime, does anybody knows where can we read the neu mangas from the get backers? =)))

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    Get backers are pretty cool for me. Can't find the old volumes. Want to collect the whole series...

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    nice , i saw all the videos onyoutube but they dont´s have good quality, wathever i wanna know wath´s with banchan and ginji ... with katsukichan and hes imposible blind love hahaha those two.....

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    on megavideo there are most of the videos for getbackers, but it stops at ep 43 i think, and the anime series only goes up to ep 49 anyway...don't know how to get new manga.

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    I guess all the anime episodes are on, not really checked but it seemed to be so.

    As far as the manga is concerned, up to vol.19 is available on this site, I think tokyopop has only released up to volume 25 in english up till now. They're available on amazon.

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    Ergh we need some kind soul to put volumes 1-9 of GB by BYAAAH on the tracker for this great manga....damn tokyopop!??

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    I watched the whole anime like 3 or 4 years ago but I want to read the manga couse it much longer

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    Here you can get the older chapters:

    Though it's still missing vol09, V's doing a great job!

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    For volume nine go here:
    and search for "get backers" (huge surprise! )

    I do love google XD

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    I enjoyed it. Wish it didn't end. =[ Ban and Ginji had an awesome relationship. It was quite funny.
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