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    If oro can be sliced in half and regenerate his body, or have snakes put it back together I really cant see a few punches and kicks hurting him too badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haku View Post
    I watch some episodes from the beginning and i noticed that when sasuke figth lee he isn't able to see lee or read his movements even with his sharingan activated. And at that time lee was wearing his weights. But when sasuke figths orochimaru in the forrest of death(or something) sasuke is able to see and read oro's movements. And sence the sharingan is able to read movements and see fast moving people. I have then concluded that lee is faster then oro with his weights on. I based this on that sasuke was able to see and read oro's movements but not lee's.

    If anyone have any reason why i'm wrong or somebody has a diffrent meaning, please let me know.

    One prob with your theory. Sasuke wasn't able to read Lee's movements, UNTIL he activated sharingan. After activating it, he could see them but just couldn't defend nor counter them. Not saying Lee isn't faster, its just that you're basing your theory on misinformation.

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    since rock lee has no gen jutsu or ninjutsu his primary fighting style is tai jutsu . which is why hes so fast since thats whats he mainly forcused on
    i think sasukes sharingan was fully awakened when he fought oro but oro wasnt even fighting his best if u ask me oro is fast but not as fast as lee
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    well i still doubt sasuke is faster than lee, but sasuke had only just awakened his sharingan. it was still on the first level and he didnt know how to use it. now his eyes have ascended to a greater level and sasuke is hella fast. ium sure sasuke could take lee in a battle or in an evryday race. he may not win but he wont be to far behind.

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    Yea Rock Lee may be faster than Oro, but Oro is stronger than him, and his fast cant beat Oro :p

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    , Kakashiii Yea Rock Lee may be faster than Oro, but Oro is stronger than him, and his fast cant beat Oro
    Ur right, even for lee's speed, he cannot defeat him due to the different skill levels.
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    And we're necroing old threads because?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    And we're necroing old threads because?
    its fun to do

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    I dnt see the point of the thread. Of course Rock lee ( especially if he uses his 8 gates) is faster then Orochimaru. But what is the point of his speed against him. If they where in a battle and rock lee needed to escape with his speed. Oro has that many skills to his possession.

    If anything your real question should of been.

    Who is faster. Guy/Rock lee or yondaime. In fact i might make a my own forum based on that question.
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    yeah he would be. Epecially in 8 gates mode. But who cares really
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