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    Asuma and Kurenai

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    521 gey.

    I personally like the ones that make sense.

    Sasuke with Sakura (Sorry Naruto...its not gonna happen for you)

    Naruto with Hinata (Hinata can have any man she wants, she so cute lol)

    Ummm now that I think about it, Sasuke should have all of 'em. Heck even Temari thought Sasuke was hot. (if i had to pick an anime character, i'd definetly choose to be the one that all the hot chicks like lol...though i dunno...Hinata really wins me over but I just cant say no to a whole bunch of chicks on me. Sorry Hinata!)

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    Shikamaru x Temari. For teh win. Awesome couple.

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    i dont guess sakura would fall in love with naruto that easily, i hope naruto becomes a perverted traveler like jiraiya xD, then we could see some pretty funny OVA's out of it later on.. but... sakura already had proven to have some feelings for him back when naruto had gone into 4 tailed kyuubi form...

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    ShikaXTemari and NaruXHina are my favorites

    but ill like all the ones that belong with eachother aha
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    Jiraiya and tsunade, I also want to see how they pairing when they still younger

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    NaruSaku because the main character should get the girl he likes right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat-san View Post
    NaruSaku because the main character should get the girl he likes right?
    If Uzumaki Naruto is the main character, that theory doesn't have many effect.

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    Neji & Tenten or Sasori & Deidara (BL ftw 8D)

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    naruto and hinata

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