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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    In the end I see Naruto and Sasuke defeating Madara and Pain.
    Then at the end Naruto looking Sasuke hight on a rock, Sasuke too. Then they smile to each other and Sasuke goes away to be never seen.
    After years Naruto become hokage, and we'll see a little blonde boy(Naruto's son) playing in the forest and another black haired kid that comes out(Sasuke's son) and they meet with a smile.

    i like this theory, it'll be a great ending unfortunnely things dont happen according to us but to kishi

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    welll ill be happy just ti see ero sennin having a decent burial worth of the greates hokage..............then naruto being able to use the 9 tails and destroyin akatsuki (sasuke dying in the fight...and kakashi probabli too) tsunade will die trying to avange jiraiya and they will get together in the after life and get married..reencarnate in two kids and get marriend in the real the way some how sakura stops being useless (as if it is posible) lololololol

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