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    Post Worst and Crows ~ Hiroshi Takahashi

    Title: WORST -ワースト-
    Author: Hiroshi Takahashi

    Summary, from DQM:
    Worst is a high impact gang-related title that deals with teenage boys fighting their way through high school in order to gain respect. There is no room for deceit and underhanded tricks at the notorious High School "Suzuran." These young men follow a strict honor code when it comes to brawling, very reminiscent of the mafia in the early days. Traditionally called a "Yankee Manga" ("Yankee" having a different meaning and pronunciation than in English) typically involves delinquent young men and thugs like "Hana Tsukishima" who is making his way through the ranks to rule over the rest at school.

    Scanlations (by Tsubusu, Deliquent-Manga and Minna-scan):

    Worst has become one of my favourites mangas just for the funny moments, the gags. All those facial expressions are priceless, more or less like One Piece's humor. Besides, the drawing is quite unique, similar to Beck's. And the story is really interesting, with an awesome amount of known characters and a lot of different groups. A lot of fights, action and comedy. Highly recommended.

    What do you think about it?

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    Agreed, Worst is an excellent manga, Love the artwork in it, The characters are very likable, And the hair styles kick ass XD

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    yeah, worst is great. the art is funky enough to bring the series up to par with great manga's
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    Crows and Worst

    Thanks to the scanlators for both Crows and Worst... best f***ing manga imo... can't wait for more scanlations...

    Keep up the good work!

    Also has anybody seen Crows Zero the live movie? Good news is that there are going to be two more sequels to the movie the next being released mid '09...

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    movie was average
    the fight scenes and music were good,but the plot ,imo,was average
    a bunch of highschool punks who pose as warriors,in a ridiculous skirmish

    here's the movie
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    ok so i just reading all the chapter 4 of crows on onemanga and I want to know if there is only 6 chapters and if theres more where can I find them

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    The movie's plot has no relation with the story in the manga. I really enjoy Worst, looking forward to every new chapter; but I gave up on Crows, the story there looks a bit more simple and easy, the art looks poor and the fights are not as good as in Worst.

    (thread merged with the other "Worst and Crows" thread from the Shonen forums)

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    Another great contribution for my manga list. Thx Damnz, this manga has a great art, and well-detailed drawings. Im loving this.

    I wanna be out of the town XD

    Espero me puedas recomendar otros buenos, as* como éste y Beck, que la verdad me han fascinado...

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    can anyone recommend another manga series that is similar to Crows/Worst...

    i heard tokyo tribes is worth checking out?

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    So many different characters appearing all the time I find it hard to keep track of them, and on top of that some of the characters hairstyles change randomly, and like a billion random name drops. Anyways goooo Guriko!

    p.s If you want more along the same style try Rokudenashi Blues or Shonan Junai Gumi, the latter being sort of the prequel to gto (not bad company).

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