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    umm i would like naruto to learn hermit plus kyuubi mode for insta win jutsu

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    oh, n i also want naruto 2 b better n more skilled @ countering genjutsu

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    I would like to add a lot of jutsus to Naruto's arsenal.
    He should try to use kyuubi power + Rasengan.. i mean Kyuubi power for speed up and attack with rasengan. Like he did it against Neiji in the exams. When he used kyuubi chakra he gained a lot of speed - didn't see it again...:(

    I'm glad that Naruto will get a VERY powerful jutsu soon.. The frog, which Jiraya sent to Naruto will teach him how to use this Jutsu. I'm happy that he'll get a new one.. actually he has got only 3 jutsus, which is pretty boring :>.

    Maybe Kakashi should teach him some nice Jutsus.. he knows a lot which are REALLY helpful in some situations, Naruto would need them :>

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    ABILITY?...The ability not to fanwank or cry every time Sasuke's name is mentioned. Hopefully the ability and temperament to murder Sasuke in cold blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by What Is My Name? View Post
    most importantly, i want him to f*ck hinata n lose his gayness for sasuke
    I wanted to type that too but I was afraid someone would think "PERV!" and not take my posts seriously

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    i want naruto to start thinking a bit more about him...trying to find out WHY was he the chosen to carry the wonder about his parents, to know more about his get over "uhhh sasuke left me" and kick all akatsukis assess...also to be like jiraiya!!!!!!!
    and master all five be jiraiyas destiny kid or smt like that...

    one question??? ok so far jiraiya has named naruto his heir..right?? that includes the icha icha paradise franchise????or just the ninja related topics???
    in that case NARUTO IS MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want to know if naruto learned anything in his 3 years training with Jiraiya.Come on shippuuden started and all that has change is his out fit. Oh and he can flex his chakra a little when it comes to genjutsu. Its kinda ridiculous.

    a bad ass move he should create is to make a rasengan turn into a shuriken and then throw himself.

    I hope he learns a new elemental trait, maybe water because his mom is from the whirlpool country.

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    that is true the only things i see he learned with the time he spent with jman is grow 3 more tails. :( coz he had 1 tail when he fought sasuke. so thats what he learned i guess

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    Here is what some of you may not understand. Naruto and Sasuke are only 15-16 years old.
    Now some of you may be in this age range, and I hope my following words don't offend you
    too much:
    When I was 15, I thought I was the toughest S.O.B. in my school. I was pretty tough, but I still had quite a bit of room for development. I played football, powerlifted, and worked out frequently, as well as martial arts. And I was indeed pretty strong. Bench pressing 295, squating 430, and weighed 185lbs. With that said, the fact of the matter was that I was only 15.
    When I turned 17, I realized how much I had developed since I was 15. physically, as well as maturity. Kishi probably is trying to convey this growth of the characters, and it may be difficult for some of you to understand, being that some of you are only 15-16 years old.
    So, when you talk about how pissed you are at Naruto for not being able to do something, or any of the other characters for that matter, remember, they need work as well as time to develop. I want to see all the characters grow and become strong.
    "The person who plays his adversary's game, has indeed already lost."

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    all the other characters have grown, yet naruto hasnt and he is the main character.

    i hope this new jutsu doesnt need the power of the 9 tail fox, i want him to stop using the power of the 9 tails, it is cool but its not naruto's power.

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