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    The ability’s and personality you want Naruto to have?

    I want to ask you what personality, jutsu and ninja style you want naruto to have.

    This is what I want naruto to be like:

    I would naruto to be like sasuke and jiraiya.

    I would like him to act calm and cool in a fight but also like jiraiya still being funny out of a fight.

    I would like him to not get beaten half to death before he fights serous.

    I would like him to gain the hermit mode and master wind chakra so he can do other wind jutsu as well as use a wind sword.

    I want him to master another element.

    I want him to use more element juts instead of just infusing the element into rasengan.

    I would like him to have better chakra control so he doesn’t have to use 50 shadow clones to do one jutsu.

    I would like him to master rasengan in other ways like sasuke did to Chidori, so something like rasengan sword.

    I would like him to not do shadow clone jutsu to much because that jutsu bores me.

    I would like him to grow up like sasuke has.

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    Less of a hot-head, think about things a bit more - to a J-man level.

    Be able to deal with genjutsu.

    Not have to use a bazillion clones and rasengan to get anything done.

    Grow up a bit while at the same time not lose his boyish charm.

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    two words: like Jirayyyya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The toad sage, the one who doesen't have equals in any place of the world!!!!!!
    Naruto:WTF! LOL! NEVER!

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    i would like naruto to not use rasengan every time and the same applies to kage bunshin

    i would love if he thought things out

    i would love if he stayed calm in battle

    i would love if he learned how to fight i.e. strengthen his taijutsu

    i would love he learned more ninjutsu and could counter genjutsu


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    Naruto should grow to become more like his father and jiraya.
    He should master fire element to combine attacks with the frogs or earth element to use some of jiraya's earth jutsus.
    He should learn hermit-mode.
    he should master minato's hiraishin, and complete the shiki fujin(actually summon the death god to fight, that would be sweet ).
    SPECULATION:he could perhaps complete jiraya's amateresu(j-man did study amaterasu's black flame).How? Well how about naruto in hermit-mode, pa toad gives the fire, ma toad gives some kind of special oil, and naruto adds wind nature manipulation to make the fire ubber strong, thus creating a new fire jutsu the rivals amaterasu.

    Other possibilities: he sits down, remembers every fight he had or watched and try's to copy some things like kiba's sense of smell and lee's taijutsu moves(naruto could use renge as much as he would like because the kyuubi would always heal his body).

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    I couldnt see naruto in hermit mode

    Props to Ravona for Ava & Sig

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasen View Post

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    I would naruto to be like sasuke
    >_> it's not like sasuke is any good o_o
    i would like to see naruto learn some different than the boring trio (kb,rasen,summon)
    forget about his gay lover and get serious
    hunt pein
    optional : lose his virginity
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    I would like naruto to just fight on his own as well, after the time skip he has only had fights with the help of kakashi, he could of been defeated by kazuka but kakashi helped him escape his threads, and he defeated itachi with kakashi's help as well, and it wasn’t even naruto fighting with orochimaru just the kyubi.

    and sasuke isnt gay, he has done nothing to think he is gay, and he acts more older than naruto, he creates his own jutsu yet naruto always gets help making jutsu from others.

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    Like Yondaime. And Jiraiya.
    End Of.

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    I want Naruto to have a hidden bloodline trait.

    I want him to have a ranged technique.

    I want him to learn a forbidden jutsu or something cool

    I want him to actually use some of his summoning techniques he was taught

    I want him to meet the old toads

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