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    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    And Natsu hasn't used his fire lightning combo yet. I wonder how he would fair against Erza now.
    Seeing how Erza took on the 'same' training as Natsu and seemed completely unfazed by it while everyone else was doubled over in pain, I like to think Erza still has a leg up on him.

    In any case, this was such a feel good chapter.

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    Awesome end to that fight, and im really glad that he did it without activating his dragon force. Makes you wonder what kind of enemy Mashima is saving up for Natsu to reveal his ultimate form too
    A pie in the sky?

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    Nice chap of whoopass on paper .

    Oh damn, Vicelogia is the White Dragon . Then I guess I will go with Etherion element for Acnologia for now , after all it's breath attack looked more like plasma/pure energy, rather than an attack from a Dark element.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uzumaki_Tim View Post
    Awesome just awesome!!

    I don't think the girl with the zeref'esk power has been seen before? Besides the crowd views and her walking away earlier in the tourney. Anyone have the slightest idea who she is? My random bet is on Yet Edo's version of Zeref who happens to be a girl
    I thought that was Zeref.

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    Sabertooth...I do not like them, It seems they are too proud of themselves, but they are not a rooster, hmm, i mean, i mean.. i do not how to say..

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