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    Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel

    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Yeah, I know this game has been out for the past months, but is there another gamer like me in this site who owns this game (& can own somebody in this game too?). You do? That's great! Then let's talk about everything in this game: The best moves & ougis, combo strats, favorite characters, cheats, gameplay questions, anything & everything you wanna ask about this game!

    Okay, let's begin!
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    I seen plenty of videos on this game
    looks cool and I would probably get it if I had the chance
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    I would prefer an RPG version to Naruto to another fighting game, but hey that's just me.

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    I own this game, its awesome, and by the way it does have a RPG mode in it. My best are Gaara, Itachi, and Rock Lee. Rock Lee is seriously like unstoppable when he has a gate open in this game.

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    Haha..this game is really good. I like being the 4th, cause that's the only guy I can beat drunken Lee with(my bro's favorite). I also enjoy playing as Itachi and Kimimaro. The game is really good. Though I read somewhere the one before it was better.

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    this game is really good i got it a couple a months ago, i had the narutomite hero 3 so i started with most of the characters. i havent gotten around to unlocking yondaime because i'm lazy and dont wanna do the mode where you go through the pervious arcs

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    This game is great! I play mostly Sakura, Kimimaro (not in CS form...ever), Neji (both of them), Chouji, and yeah...that is about it. Sakura is my best by far, I dare any of you who play Rock, Gai, Gaara, the 4th, Deidara, or any other cheap character to step, I will destroy your ass! Oh and I like playing as Asuma, he is fun...but I get owned a lot because I haven't gotten his little wind blade attack down.
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    I got this game a couple of months ago. It's pretty good, but I think the character balance is still off.

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    I'm planning on buying it with Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 2 which is going to be release on November 29.

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    Im considering buying it but I want to know from you guys is it worth the $70?

    Ive never played any of the Naruto games but this one looks interesting, never had Naruto Hero 3 and everyone claims thats the best game but which should I buy?

    Or should I wait for Narutimate Accel 2? $70 is a lot of money to me so Im trying to make a good choice
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